Do we really need Search Engine Optimization

The North American business community is at least fifteen years behind in terms of utilizing the power of the internet. Certainly everyone is aware one needs a website. The scenario is typical, a company needs a website and they hire a good designer. Make a website look good and that is end of the effort. Ranking is usually left to luck and wishful thinking. Rarely do webmasters know or mention the importance of site optimization. SEO has evolved into a fine art and science. There is a great deal you can do to influence online presence. Contemporary SEO techniques

can do a great deal to influence your bottom line.

Online presense is the only alternative

Almost without exception every customer will look on the internet for

your type of business before any other traditional method. Such as

“The Yellow Pages” , or newspaper ads. Strong internet presence is

the only viable solution for contemporary business.

The importance of market research

The world you grew up in no longer exists. This is a historic time in commerce. Advertising in the local papers is a 20th century method. A major shift has taken place in how the public seeks to find a solution to their problems.

How and what the public thinks is revealed with research online. Research will tell you what your customers are actually thinking. Use those search terms and this is why they will find your site, once you match their idea with your offer. The internet works to promote you for free. This fundamental fact is not appreciated by the business community. You have a vast tool to leverage.

Know the Key Points

Your customers look to see what your rating is on Yelp and similar sites.

Even Google now gets in the act and has a competitor to Yelp.

Often the row of stars is the deciding factor. The key to this is your

key, be in many places on the net.

What your domain name says matters

A domain name says a lot about your business. It needs to be recognizable and easy to remember. The headlines and basic description a website visitor skims over in the first few seconds needs to convey the essence and capture the attention. The internet is big, very big, there are plenty of websites that offer competing information. Strength in your copy and overall ease of use are vital factors. People lead incredibly busy lives and they know time is precious. Whatever you say, it had better be highly informative, clear and most of all powerful. Did you know that aside from the obvious use of your corporate name as the domain name, you should also have a domain which is self explanatory ?

Multiple domains multiplies the traffic

Have your ever clicked on a website because the domain name spelled out exactly what

you are looking for? It is to your advantage to be in possession of multiple domain names that

speak directly to your service or product.

Why does no one talk about this ?

There are many SEO firms in the country

that work towards getting your site in the upper sections of search engine results. However, have they told you how to stay in touch with that interested client once they have landed on your site? These firms will often manage online advertising, known as paid traffic. The Pay Per Click method is an art in itself, it takes skill and lots of research. However the real opportunity, the colossus of internet power is the ability to build large lists of persons interested in your product or service. There is little appreciation for this knowledge. The value is once you have expended funds for that contact, now you can market to that customer for years.

People buy to solve problems

The most successful business rely on a returning customer base. Give your client base a

reason to opt – in. Think about the information they are looking for and make it

available as a download. This is a fundamental element of online success.

Get Social Media to do the heavy lifting

Have you ever noticed the trend in fashion of paying for

wearing a brand and logo. The public does the work for

the companies, and people are happy to do it. Well the same trend works on the internet. Vast numbers of people

love to share their experiences and likes. Social media is yet again another tool with enormous leverage waiting to be factored into a business's profile. The sea of the world wide web gives many opportunities to list your basic contact information, known as a citation.

Do you know all the details necessary ??

There are many places to find a business listed on the net. Make sure you know of them all and the details are correct.

The right software will help

There are many small details about a domain property which

affects it's seamless functionality with the search engine apparatus. These subtle but important details are overlooked.

A Search Engine Optimization and online presence consultant

can review and put all of these necessary details in order.

Analytical software will give a birds eye view of how pleasing your site is to the public. The totality of this information is a

factor in your success. Success on the net can be planned.

Newport One will get you where you want to go

Online presence management is a full time business. If you do not have a full time

marketing department, and a savvy one at that. Then Newport One will

knows how to put you in the position you want to be in.